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Student Wellness Programme


Developmental programmes are conducted for all levels from Primary One to Primary Six. All Primary One pupils will go through their first introductory workshop session called, ‘Making Friends and Keeping Friends’. Pupils will know the importance of making and keeping friends. The sessions are filled with activities such as role play, songs and simple dance steps. Likewise, all the other levels will have cohort specific programmes.

These programmes explicitly teach the SE competencies incorporating the school’s ICARE values which are seen as building blocks for lifelong learning. As value education is the core of our education system, developmental programmes were developed incorporating the SE competencies such as : knowing self, relating well with others and managing self. Through these developmental programmes, we hope to see the values taught to pupils being displayed in their daily interaction with their peers and others.

Some programmes are developed to address target groups based on needs analysis. E.g. Conflict Management and Peer Pressure and Relationship Management.

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