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Sports & Aesthetic Talent Development Programme

Co-curricular activities (CCA) form an integral part of the school’s objective to provide an all-round education for our pupils. As such, every pupil from P3 onwards is required to participate in one CCA during his/her primary school years. The CCA was organised
and implemented to fuel in the individual a lifelong love for a particular activity. The CCA schedule has been built into the school overall plan to ensure that all P3 to P6 students participate in one CCA.

Every Child acquires Sports/Aesthetic skills and values as part of Holistic Development.

We are committed to providing opportunities for our pupils to discover, develop and excel their interest in Sports/Aesthetics through CCA.

Aesthetics Talent Development Programme is a programme specially tailored for the aesthetically inclined students. Opportunities and programmes are designed and provided to high potential students for their passion and talents in Arts development besides inculcating and nurturing the affective and character aspects of students.

Programmes and activities are carried out either within curricular, or cocurricular. The Aesthetics Talent Development Programme is supported by a range of differentiated learning programmes and platforms, such as Dance Specialized Programme, Artist Club,
Music Talent Development Programmes (by MOE CCAB), Junior Academy Winds/Choral Camp (by SOTA), Performing Arts CCAs e.g. Brass Band, Choir and String Ensembles, excursions and learning journeys to Esplanade, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, that will enrich our students in their areas of passion and talents.

We identify students for these differentiated learning programmes after the students have completed the Lower Primary Integrated Dance Programmes, Primary Two Choral Singing Enrichment and Primary Two Art Enrichment. Students selected are enriched in their learning through Content differentiation, Product differentiation, Process differentiation and differentiation in the Learning Environment.

Identification of students for some of the Talent Development Programme includes recommendation from the artistes-in-residence and teachers, auditions, showcase of their involvement or achievement in competitions and activities.

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