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LLP In Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education (Learning for Life Programme)

Shuqun Primary School  attained the Learning for Life Programe (LLP) status for Outdoor Education (OE) in 2014. Outdoor Education in SQPS engages the students’ spirit of adventure through exploring both natural and urbanised environments, starting with the local context, and extending it to other unfamiliar, outdoor locations. 


OE Framework

The framework for Outdoor Education in SQPS is based on the 3Ls of Learn, Live and Lead whereby students are progressively taught specific outdoor and life skills through various programmes at the learning stage.  They are given opportunities to apply these skills in authentic settings such as thematic level based camps at the living stage. Students with keen interest and aptitude in OE are further stretched at the Lead stage by learning to become advocates for OE and environmental education.


Through this 3 tiered approach, students across all 6 levels are given the opportunity to develop outdoor skills that enable them to move comfortably, confidently and safely over different terrains. In addition to learning about designing a targeted approach for students to be exposed to and experience OE , schools can also learn how to get students to identify, assess and manage risks to self and others as they learn to interact responsibly with and care for the environments they explore as they build character, leadership and the spirit of adventurism.


The outcomes of OE in SQPS contribute to the 21st century competencies. The OE outcome after six years is a Shuqunite who is comfortable and ready to be involved in activities in the outdoor environment. In addition, Shuqunites with the aptitude and talents will be able to lead in OE.


Shuqunite’s OE Journey


OE Key Programmes


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